Lettering & Graphics
When designing a permanent sign, there are a number of ways to get your message looking right. Years ago, sign lettering and graphics were painted or stencilled, often using a painstaking manual process.

Today, our company has access to tools and in-house facilities that will leave your sign looking both modern and spectacular. Our cutting-edge processes use the very best in graphical technology, for a superior-looking sign.

Vinyl Process
Many signs today use vinyl letters and graphics to provide the content of their messages. The process of applying vinyl to signs uses computer graphics and specialized machinery to cut the vinyl with sharp precision.

Vinyl weathers well, better than many paints, and allow for signage with unique fonts and intricate graphics. It's also great for any size of sign, from smaller interior signage to large billboard signs!

Not all vinyls are equal, and there are different types to suit different tasks. Some companies use cheaper vinyl materials to save costs, at the expense of the customer. At Davies Signs, we always place quality as our first priority, ensuring the best-looking vinyl logos, letters, and graphics.

Digital Imaging
Two digitally-imaged banners
Sign graphic technology, like the photography industry, has moved to the digital world. Digital imaging allows for high resolution images to be applied directly to large signs.

This technology removes the limitations of older vector-based images, and provides some of the best looking graphics that can be applied to signs today. Davies Signs now offers digital imaging on signs of all sizes and types, and the results have been spectacular!

The two pictures shown here are an example of digital imaging at work. The picture on the left shows an actual digital photograph is shown, similar to one you could take with a digital camera.

On the right, an actual photograph of a real sign made at Davies Signs is shown. This sign is over 15 feet tall, and you can see how the final product really brings the digital image to life!

There is no reason why your sign can't look the same. If you want a sign with dazzling digital imaging, Davies Signs can make it happen.

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