Illuminated Signs
Davies Signs was established on the success of our mobile illuminated signs. These signs stand out head-and-shoulders above any other illuminated signs we have seen, and provide an excellent form of advertising that uses lighting to attract public attention.
Our illuminated signs come in two different sizes. Our 5x8' signs have 5 lines of advertising (per side), but for longer messages, our 6x8' signs have an additional 6th line at the top of the sign.

Each illuminated sign can be plugged in to provide a lit background for the acryllic letters which make up your message. A bar of floodlights at the top also attracts attention to the sign. That's why our illuminated signs are not only effective during the day, but also really stand out at night as well.

5x8' Illuminated Sign
6x8' Illuminated Sign
When you rent a sign from Davies Signs, you get superior service at respectable prices. Our illuminated signs come delivered with your own personal box of letters, so you can change your message as many times as you want while your renting. Or if you would prefer, we can put the message on for you. For pricing, give us a call!

You can find our contact information here.

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